Calf Prosthesis 



How is the post-operative?

It is usually 1 day.

How is the post-operative?

It must avoid walking a lot and climbing the stairs. It is often a bit of pain in the first 48 hours, but it can be controlled with anti-inflammatory and analgesic. A stocking knee must be used for 14 days.

What are the possible complications?

Although they are very rare, they can occur: infection, hematoma, seroma, abnormal wound healing, thrombosis, prosthesis extrusion

When we get the result?

The outcome of any plastic surgery occurs after 06 months due to the maturation of the scar. However, in two months the form is already pretty much set.

Preoperative Recommendations

- Report the team before the operation, provide flu or indisposition;
- Intern in the hospital or clinic indicated, fasting 8 hours, including water, according to the established schedule;
- Avoid alcohol, drugs or very hearty meals the day before surgery;
- Schedule your social, domestic, professional or school activities, so as not to become indispensable to others for a period of about 15 days.

Postoperative Recommendations
- Avoid efforts in the first 15 days;
- Do not move the excess legs; - Do not engage in physical activity with lower limbs by an average of 60 days;
- Do not drive for 30 days;
- Do not expose yourself to the sun for 3 months;
- Obey the prescription;
- Normal Feed;
- Take us any doubts.


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