The prosthesis surgery or the gluteoplasty gluteal augmentation is indicated for patients presenting with small volume or buttocks with inadequate projection and wanting to improve this condition. The patients who experienced large weight reduction may also be candidates for stenting.

How is the placement of the prosthesis?
An incision is made in the intergluteal fold and made a shop (space) into the gluteal muscle, where the implant is placed being protected and not becoming palpable or visible.

Where is the scar located?
The scar of approximately 6 cm is located in the intergluteus groove, where it is hidden, almost imperceptible.



What types of gluteus prosthesis does exist in the market?

There are several types and models of prosthetic buttocks, each with an indication depending on the buttocks of the patient. The gluteal prostheses may vary and profile wrap. The profile (shape) can be round or anatomical, as the projection of the prosthesis. The silicone content is high cohesive gel. Wrap the prosthesis may also vary with textured or smooth. Important! The prosthesis are designed to receive gluteal pressure (when the patient sits, runs, throws, etc..), Being tougher and thicker than the breast prosthesis. The choice of ideal gluteus prosthesis will be taken in medical consultation when the surgeon will examine the patient and choose the best implant to produce a better result for increasing the gluteal region, which is different in each patient.

What is type of anesthesia that is used?

General anesthesia and blocks (epidural) may be performed and the decision taken together with the staff and patient.

How long is the surgery?

The duration of the surgery is, on average 1 hour.

How long is the hospital stay?

Generally 1 day.

Is the postoperative painful?

It is often a bit painful for the first 48 hours when analgesics are used to relieve the discomfort.

Is the dressing used?

It is left a local dressing with gauze and micropore being changed daily by the patient and periodically.

Is the use of braces necessary?

Yes, the brace helps to shape and decrease faster local edema and helps in body remodeling due to the manipulation during surgery.

When are the stitches removed?

The most stiches are absorbable and it is not necessary to cut them. If some external points exist, they will be removed between 7-10 days.

When can I sit?

The next day the release occurs to sit. This is the current behavior.

What is the rest period?

TThe ideal is to have rest and care after all the plastic surgery, since they want to get the best result. On average 15 days are enough.

What are the most common complications?

AAlthough rare, it can occur:. hematoma, infection, extrusion of the prosthesis, contracture of the capsule is formed around the prosthesis and anesthetic problems.

How soon can I watch the result?

The result as the form is already quite evident postoperatively. During the first two months there is a reduction of edema (swelling) and the healing gains strength. Like any plastic surgery, the result of gluteoplasty increase occurs after 6 months due to the maturation of the scar.

Preoperative Recommendations

- Report the team before the operation if you have flu or indisposition;
- Intern in the hospital or clinic indicated, fasting 8 hours, including water, according to the established schedule;
- Avoid alcohol, drugs or very hearty meals the day before surgery;
- Schedule your social, domestic, professional or school activities, so as do not become indispensable to others for a period of about 15 days.

Postoperative Recommendations
- Avoid efforts in the first 15 days;
- Do not engage in physical activity for at least 30 days ;
-Do not move the buttock region in excess;
- Do not expose yourself to the sun for 3 months;
- Obey the prescription;
- Have normal feed;
- Take us any doubts.


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