Abdominoplasty post Bariatric 

The post-bariatric abdominoplasty is indicated for improvement of abdominal sagging in patients who had significant weight loss through diet or surgical procedures such as gastric bypass (surgery performed in patients with morbid obesity).

The bariatric abdominoplasty removes the dermogourous excess of the anterior abdomen reducing local sagging and improving the body contour.




- Avoid strenuous activity for 8 days;
- Get up as often as it is recommended by hospital discharge, according to the periods of stay seated, as well as avoid the maximum physical exertion;
- Do not expose to sun or cold, for a minimum period of 1 week;
- Obey the prescription;
- Be back to the office for the subsequent healing in the days and times prescribed;
- Probably you will be feeling so well to the point of forgetting that it has been operated recently. Watch out! The euphoria may take you an inopportune effort, which determine certain disorders. It is noteworthy that between the 3rd and the 5th postoperative day, there may be a slight emotional or even physical depression. This is predicted and explained by the recovery of your body for the sake of your body physiology;
- Do not worry about the intermediate forms in various stages. Take off with your plastic surgeon and only with him any questions that may arise;
- Normal diet (except in special cases). We recommend high-protein food (meat, eggs, milk) as well as intake of fruits;
- Wait to make your diet or weight loss regime after the medical release. The anticipation of this conduct on their own, may determine to be ironed difficult consequences.


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