Mastopexy or breast lift is a procedure very accomplished in Brazil, especially in patients who have had children or in patients with significant weight loss that have ptosis (drooping) and sagging of the breasts. If the patient has an appropriate amount of breast parenchyma, the mastopexy or breast lift without breast augmentation is performed. If there is not enough breast tissue, it is placed a prosthesis to give filling and more harmonious form of the breast.

What is the indication of mastopexy or breast lift surgery?
The surgery is indicated in patients who have sagging and drooping breasts (breast ptosis). The main objective of mastopexy is to reshape the breasts, lifting and repositioning the areola and remove excess of skin, improving the shape and the consistency of the breasts.

How are the scars in mastopexy?
The scars vary according to the existing sagging and the fall in the amount of breast parenchyma to mount, being the most used vertical, vertical scars with small horizontal, inverted T and L. The size of the scar depends upon the amount of skin that is removed. The scars become less visible over time.



What is the type of anesthesia that is used?

You can use general anesthesia or block (epidural).

How long is the surgery?

The duration varies according to the technique and the type of breast, averaging 3 to 4 hours of surgery.

How long is the hospital stay?

Usually at about 1 day.

Is there need to use drains?

The use of drains is not recommended for all patients, but in most cases they are used in order to remove the accumulated secretions in the newly operated area.

Is the postoperative painful?

The pain threshold varies from patient to patient, but generally the use of common painkillers is enough.

How will be the size, shape and the consistency of my breasts?

The mastopexy aims to reposition the mammary gland and the areola to restore bodily harmony and to improve ptosis (drooping). The final consistency varies with the prevalence of breast tissue of the patient if is more glandular or more greasy.

How soon will I get the result?

The result of the shape and the consistency is usually achieved at around 06 months of the surgery. The scar will only be mature or with the final appearance after 1 year postoperatively.

Does the result remains after a pregnancy?

The pregnancy changes in the breast, in the parenchyma volume and in the shape of the breasts by changing, in most cases, the outcome of the surgery.
Does the surgery mastopexy (breast lift) leave scars?

As with any plastic surgery, there will be the formation of a scar with the technical care of the plastic surgeon, it will be at the lowest possible size, well positioned and highly aesthetic appearance. Usually, you get a scar inverted T. The final cosmetic result of the scar is obtained on average at 12 months, time required for their maturation.

Why do some patients get scars that are more visible?

Some patients have a tendency to develop hypertrophic scar or keloid. This is due to a genetic predisposition, but some care from the plastic surgeon and the patient can reduce the chance of appearance of these scars. Thus, a good review in the initial consultation may identify those patients most likely to show such scars.

Is there correction for hypertrophic scar or keloid?

These scars can be corrected with clinical features (topical or intralesional corticosteroids, silicone gel or bar, betatherapy) and / or surgical.

Are the dressings used?

Yes, micropores and gauze dressings need to be changed daily by the patient and by the physician periodically.

How long is the appliance bra used?

The use of bra is at about 45 to 60 days.

When are the stitches removed?

The most stitches are absorbable and their removal is necessary. Some points that are non absorbable are removed by the 8th postoperative day.

When can I drive again?

At about 30 days postoperatively.

When can I return to the physical activities?

The exercises must be started gradually: light walking after 15 days; exercises that do not involve arms and chest: 20 days and involving the arms and chest after 45 days.


- Communicate with your surgeon until the day before surgery, in case of flu, unwell or anticipation of the menstrual period;
- Intern at the hospital indicated, according to the previously scheduled time;
- Avoid alcoholic beverages or very sumptuous meals the day before surgery;
- Avoid any slimming drug that is eventually using, for a period of 10 days before surgery. This also includes certain diuretics;
- Set your social, domestic or school activities so as do not become indispensable to others for a period of approximately 3 to 5 days.


- Avoid efforts in the first 8 days;
- Do not move your arms excessively. Follow the instructions that will be given on discharge from hospital, concerning the movement of upper limbs;
- Do not expose to sun or cold until further notice;
- Follow closely the prescriptions;
- Normal diet (except specific cases receive proper guidance) from the second day, mainly based on protein (meat, milk, eggs) and vitamins (fruits);
- Back to the office for subsequent healing and postoperative control in the days and times prescribed;
- Probably you will be feeling well enough to forget who was recently operated. Watch out! This euphoria can take it premature to make efforts, which determine certain disorders;
- Do not worry about the intermediate forms in various stages. Take with your surgeon any doubts.


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