Brachial dermolipectomia/Lifting Brachial 

The lifting arm or brachial abdominoplasty is indicated in patients who have sagging skin on arms, especially in the medial region. Usually this is due to severe sagging large weight losses. The patient often feels embarrassed to wave when you are short-sleeved dress or even wear blouses or sundresses.

What is the goal of the surgery?
The surgery is aimed at removing the dermogorous excess (skin and fat) from the arms, thus reducing the resulting flaccidity of severe weight loss. The brachial dermolipectomy can promote a more defined contour of your arms, reducing the sagging imposed by weight of loss or the action of age. The surgery can greatly improve your body contour, increasing your self-esteem and your body self-image. It is essential that you discuss your expectations very clearly and clarify all your questions during your initial consultation.



Where are the scars located?

The form of resection and the placement of the scars from this surgery depend on the evaluation of each individual case. The milder cases can be treated with an approach through an incision in the armpit, advancing to the middle third of the arm. In some cases, you may need to supplement incision to the elbow. The suffering experienced by the patients with this problem is so great that the scars represent a small charge against the benefit obtained by surgery.

How will be the planning of surgery?

In your initial consultation, it will be assessed their state of health, medical and family history, as well as the conditions of its senior members with respect to fat, skin tone or presence of the scars. It is important to report on use of cigarettes, drugs, vitamins and other drugs. Liposuction can also be an additional option to the brachial dermolipectomia. Thus, you will have the best individualized proposal to meet your expectations as the best body contouring for you.

What is the type of anesthesia?

The anesthesia can be general or regional block.

How is the surgery performed?

The surgery begins by the incision along the appointment made from the axilla. The detachment of dermogorous flap is performed only to the extent of the skin and fat to be removed. The excess skin is resected and the surgical incisions are sutured.


- Inform your doctor in case you get the flu, cold or other infection before surgery;
- You will be informed in detail about how to prepare for the surgery, including on fasting time, interrupt the use of medications or vitamins and other drugs;
- Stop smoking at least two weeks before to two weeks after the surgery is essential to reduce the risk of complications;


- You will be guided as to the curative and baths and must take medication as prescribed;
- The drugs that are prescribed to take after the surgery must manage well the discomfort and the pain that are normal feeling, especially in the early days;
- You must walk on the first day after surgery, although it must not make many movements with arms in order to reduce the tension in the scar;
- You may return your car to drive and return to work after 15 days if there is no mishap and your job does not require great physical effort;
- Physical activities will resume gradually, following previously established schedule.


The brachial dermolipectomia enables dramatic improvement in body contour that makes arms sagging or excess of skin and fat. The good results are long lasting, especially if you keep care such as regular physical exercise and balanced diet. The scars may extend slightly over time. If this happens, it is always possible to reduce such extensive scarring after a period of 06 months. Thus, they may become more noticeable.


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